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Cloudvela IT Solutions Page

Extend your Data Center with our Hybrid Cloud Solutions and Services


VMware on-premise meets VMware in the Cloud with the same  user experience, same Virtual Machines, and same metrics, while achieving consistent and seamless Hybrid Cloud strategically across our globally located cloud nodes.


Our Hybrid Cloud service allows you to use the same security policies and infrastructure build as your existing enterprise IT environment. While we help you reduce your operational cost and let you choose what is right for your business.

Cloudvela's approach is to manage its own cloud-native networking and security services stack in a Private Cloud  setting. In this sense, it’s the cross-section of co-location plus Infrastructure as a Service, networking and security. By managing the IaaS (infrastructure-as a-service), Cloudvela can control resources and security which have big implications for Singapore Mid-Enterprise customers who are struggling with IT hardware refresh, operational, security  issues, or in the cusp of implementing their own private cloud.
With Cloudvela's IT services stack, alleviate the technical resource crunch that most Singapore Mid-Enterprise customers face.
Operationalizing the Private Cloud ;
We are focused on making it easier for clients to benefit from the operational model of a Hybrid Cloud.
At Cloudvela, we took a lead in the cloud space because we  are able to scale our service and cut costs for clients who opt for the platform over building out their own system. It takes a lot of time and capital to build and manage a private cloud , but Cloudvela offers speed and agility.
Companies looking to experiment with their own cloud system could wait as much as 4 to 12 weeks to receive a server before it can build and deploy the virtualization or software around it.
In Cloudvela's hybrid cloud offerings  you can provision  servers in minutes.  And then because we have security, backup and disaster recovery services that our customers can use in whatever combination they want, they can start from a pilot idea to full systems implementation in several orders of magnitude faster, so they can innovate much quicker.
Get a comprehensive review of your current technology stack and recommendation for how to optimize for the future and contact us at Cloudvela on how we can help.